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Our Story 

Storytelling is a powerful way to make sense of our lives, learn from our experiences and share wisdom with others. Createplace is a collective group of experienced writing and art health practitioners who have joined resources to offer a suite of programs that put creativity at the heart of all people. We provide places for mentoring,  innovation and collaboration to inspire self-awareness and social connection, and ultimately, provide tools for people to live more energetic and enthusiastic lives.   


Meet the Team  


The Createplace team are uniquely qualified to oversee and deliver our Writing for Wellbeing program and are waiting to meet you. CLICK ON OUR PHOTOS to find out more about us.


Dr Leanne Dodd
Life Narrative Coach
Lea21 (2).JPG
Nicki Cassimatis 
Poetry Practitioner
Createplace_Nicki (4).JPG
Elena Volkova
Transmedia Storytelling Practitioner
Elena (2).jpg
Meet our other Workshop Mentors
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What we do


At Createplace, we focus on enriching the lives of all individuals by providing storytelling activities and writing tools, incorporating art, to enable people to gain a stronger sense of perspective and control over the past, a deeper connection with the present, and a clearer vision of the future. One in five Australians experience mental health issues in any year and the cost of mental health equates to $28.6 billion. It is listed as number three in terms of chronic health disease in Australia. We aim to offer innovative and enjoyable ways to strengthen the resilience, health and mental wellbeing of individuals*. Our inspiring writing and storytelling programs are designed and delivered by industry experts using evidence-based practice.


Globally, governments are investing in the Arts to improve individual and community health and wellbeing as evidence grows about the cultural, social and economic benefits. Informed by national and international policy (see Resources), Createplace delivers a series of Writing for Wellbeing workshops to the public, works in partnership with high-performing mentors and organisations, and can customise workshops as standalone sessions or as part of an annual health and wellbeing program for you and your organisation.


Email us at for more information.

Our Values 



We believe in inclusiveness


We encourage collaboration


We strive to be user-friendly

* Individual results may vary. Createplace does not offer medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems by your doctor. Createplace's intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to help individuals in their quest for emotional and physical well-being.

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