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Celebrating Strengths and Survival

So, you love writing?

We do too, and we are excited to offer you and your team/clients the chance to get away and spend time writing among like-minded people in tranquil settings. Our retreat offers inspiring mentors and highly interactive workshops that support the power and value of personal writing to bring your experiences to life. Feel empowered to find your unique voice in one of four different life writing genres as you experiment with various ways of getting your ideas down on paper or screen. The process of writing can help you to understand what has gone before, to live in the present and to create your future. Sharing your words in a safe space can help to hone your creative writing skills for publication and give you the confidence to contribute to your community in the way you want. No prior writing experience is necessary for you to attend and participate. If you have a calling to write about events from your life, join us, we would love to meet you. 

You will leave the retreat feeling energised and enthused about your future.


Places are restricted to ensure a personalised experience for all participants.

Attendees must be 18 years of age or over at the time of the retreat.

Stay and Day Pass Packages Available.

Sponsored and Subsidised places may be arranged.

The Retreat Experience Inclusions


  • Writing time in one of the most beautiful and inspiring spots in Australia.

  • 2 full days of Workshops and Activities to develop your creative life writing skills in a choice of 4 genres: prose, poetry, drama, digital storytelling, or folk tales.       

  • Access to 4 specialist Life Writing Mentors during the retreat.

  • Opportunity to sign up for a 1-to-1 Mentoring Session with one of the Mentors.

  • A unique opportunity to connect with writers in your community and make like-minded friends.

  • A safe space to share your story and/or receive constructive feedback.

  • Free Time for writing and reflection, or to explore the neighbourhood and town.

  • Use of venue facilities to revel in peace and seclusion or mingle with new friends.


Stay Pass Package Inclusions

  • All of the listed inclusions in ‘The Retreat Experience’ above and all 'Workshops and Activities' listed below.

  • One night’s accommodation (generally own bedroom in shared accommodation).

  • All meals included:

            Day 1 – all day tea/coffee with morning and afternoon tea, lunch and in-house restaurant dinner

            Day 2 - continental breakfast, all day tea/coffee with morning and afternoon tea and lunch


  • If there is a person/s you wish to share an apartment with, please let us know their name via email at info@createplace.net.

  • Private rooms may be available at an additional cost. (Companions are able to stay in private rooms but meals must be arranged separately with the resort)




Day Pass Package Inclusions

(excludes accommodation and some meals/activities)

  • A limited number of Day Pass places may be available for the 2-day program (one day passes are not available).

  • All of the listed inclusions in ‘The Retreat Experience’ above and all 'Workshops and Activities' except the early morning and evening activities excluded below.

  • Meals included:

             Day 1 – all day tea/coffee with morning and afternoon tea and lunch (dinner excluded)

             Day 2 – all day tea/coffee with morning and afternoon tea and lunch (breakfast excluded)



Sponsored and Subsidised places may be arranged.

All prices quoted will include GST. Booking fees may apply.

Not included: Transport to and from the retreat venue. Drinks unless specified (cash bar may be available on site).

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                                 Retreat Workshop and Activity Inclusions

All retreat sessions are optional - this is your retreat to write and rejuvenate so if you would prefer to take some time out to write in private, go for a walk or participate in a mentoring session, it is up to you. 


Please click on the photos if you would like to know more about your Mentors


WORKSHOP 1: Poetry : Your journey to beauty and joy

with Nicki Cassimatis | Grad Cert Mental Health, Grad Dip Education, B Arts

​Do you want to succinctly capture, distil and validate your experience? Poetry can be an invaluable tool for personal growth and development. In this workshop, you will be guided through a range of written activities and introduced to various techniques and approaches to explore the role of beauty and creativity within the ‘ordinary’, through playful curiosity, sensory reflection and the written word. Turn your life experiences into beautiful poetry to read aloud or present as a visual artwork.

Createplace Lea  (2).jpg

WORKSHOP 2: Creative Life Writing: Choose your adventure in non-fiction or fiction

with Dr Leanne Dodd | PhD – Arts & Humanities, Grad Cert Tertiary Ed, B Com, Dip Art Therapy

​Do you want to write about a significant event in your life? Life writing can be a rewarding and potentially cathartic experience, whether it is a real-life or fictionalised version of your story. In this workshop, you will be guided through writing exercises that will help you identify positive outcomes and empowering perspectives from your experiences, then equipped with a range of writing strategies to structure your story. Re-imagine your future and share your strengths and courage with others through your story.

Elena (2).jpg

WORKSHOP 3: Digital Storytelling: It's for Everyone!

with Elena Volkova | M Arts - HDR, Transmedia Studies, Grad Dip – Museum Studies, B Arts

​Have you ever wanted to create a short film about your life? In this workshop designed just for beginners like you, learn to voice your own story using images, video and a short personalised script. You will be guided through all stages of the work, including script development, selection of visual materials, voice recording, audio editing and the final production of your story in a digital format you can share it on various forms of media (laptop/free software download required).

WORKSHOP 4: Morals and Metaphor: Your story through the lens of folk tales

with Pam Blamey | M Mental Health - Art Therapy, Grad Dip Soc Sc - Counselling, B Soc Sc​ - Human Services

Have you ever wondered why the youngest son wins the princess? Or why fairy tales end with happily ever after? Folk tales, fairy tales or traditional tales - whichever term you know them by - are an innovative way to reflect on life and cultural experiences. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the genre of traditional tales and myth, and the concepts of metaphor, symbolism, intuition and hidden wisdom. You will be guided through a range of writing and art-making activities to explore strategies for problem-solving through the lens of folk tales and storytelling. 

WORKSHOP 5: Drama: What's in the cupboard

with Rebecca Dostal | BA (Creative writing/drama), M ​Prof Prac/Performance candidate

Join Rebecca in her hilarious approach to, well everything, where she will help you pull your life story kicking and screaming onto the stage. In this workshop Rebecca will help you discover your own story, the one hidden deep inside your cupboard that you can bring to the stage, podcast or screen. Through a series of writing and performance prompts using objects, sights, sounds and scent Rebecca will help you create a visual tapestry of your life and empty that cupboard of all its secrets.

MENTORING: 30-Minute Sessions 

with Nicki Cassimatis, Dr Leanne Dodd, Elena Volkova or Pam Blamey

You will have the opportunity to sign up at registration for a 1-on-1 mentoring session with one of the Mentors across the course of the retreat to discuss your writing project (Availability of each Mentor is dependant on demand).


ACTIVITY 1: Create your Timeline 

You will be guided through memory-evoking exercises to unlock significant and/or memorable events and moments from your life that you might like to write about. You will then use artistic techniques to create a visual timeline to guide you in your writing process.


ACTIVITY 1: Tree of Life 

You will be guided through reflections to unlock significant and/or memorable events and moments from your past, present and hopes for your future. You will then use artistic techniques to create a visual tree of life to guide you in your storytelling.

ACTIVITY 2: Early Morning Mindfulness (Stay Pass package only)

You will be guided through a beginner mindfulness session to awaken your senses and ground you for the activities to come during the day. No experience necessary.

ACTIVITY 3: Evening Story Circle (Stay Pass package only)

You will have the opportunity to share some of the stories you have been working on in a circle of new friends after dinner. There is no obligation to share but everyone is welcome to participate.


FOR ENQUIRIES EMAIL info@createplace.net

Retreat Outcomes

We can also manage creative outcomes that include, but are not limited to:

  • A live community showcase of work produced

  • A collaborative anthology of work produced

  • A digital showcase of work produced

  • Ongoing mentorship aimed toward publication