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      Storytelling & Arts for Health

Evidence-based arts/writing programs for wellbeing and resilience

Meet the Team

The Createplace team are a collective group of practitioners who have a range of talents, lived experience and links to community, which makes them uniquely qualified to deliver writing programs that foster wellbeing and resilience. Find out about the team's different modalities and experience.

They are waiting to meet you...

Wellbeing Programs

Ask us to customise a workshop or program to your needs. Whether you require a one-off session at an event or conference, or a comprehensive longer-term wellbeing program, our team can tailor innovative, affordable, and fun storytelling solutions to build resilience and wellbeing for you and your team. The program can be delivered at any time and in any place. Just ask us for a quote...

Pop-up Workshops

Createplace provides places for people to connect, collaborate and learn and for anyone to ‘have a go’ at storytelling and art activities to enrich their lives and wellbeing. Current workshops on offer include life writing, creative writing, poetry, digital storytelling and fairy tales, held in a supportive and fun environment. Find out how you can attend a workshop here...  

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What our attendees have to say

This was an excellent introductory workshop to enable participants who have experienced grief/trauma to empower themselves through storytelling, reading subtext and re-write their own story.


I gained an understanding of how stories tell something about ourselves and discovered through this work something very valuable.


This workshop demonstrates that using poetry or creative writing to tell a painful story works to share more easily with others.


Externalisation through folk tales made it less emotionally challenging (for me that’s a positive). 


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